Crossing Guards are Heroes! Here’s How to Become One

Become a Crossing Guard and a Community Hero Today!

Follow these steps to become a crossing guard:

  1. Fill out the survey to register for an upcoming Volunteer Training:
  2. Complete the Volunteer Training
  3. Get approved as a volunteer with the school district (if not already)
  4. Contact Ariana Green with Questions:; 831-775-4403


Crossing Guards: Who Are They?

Crossing guards are designated individuals who help children safely cross the street at key locations. They remind drivers of the presence of pedestrians, especially around schools, by wearing highly visible safety vests and carrying stop signs. School crossing guards play a vital role in the lives of children who use active transportation—such as walking, bicycling, and scootering—to get to school.

Becoming a Crossing Guard


Crossing guards are expected to be reliable, confident, and respectful, and to be good communicators. They must create a safe environment that families and students can depend on. As a crossing guard, you are expected to do the following:

  • Arrive promptly at your assigned post and remain there throughout the shift.
  • Notify the school or supervisor if you will be late or unable to cover your shift.
  • Project a positive image and serve as a positive role model for students.
  • Actively engage with pedestrians and road users to facilitate safe crossings.
  • Observe and report conditions or incidents that could create hazardous situations for pedestrians or vehicles.


  • Create gaps in traffic so that students can cross the street safely.
  • Teach and model proper crossing techniques for students, including scanning streets by looking left-right-left-behind and in-front, before entering the street.
  • Help pedestrians cross the street.
  • Provide clear verbal instructions to all pedestrians.


For more information, view the Crossing Guard Training Manual (Coming Soon)