Why families are needed for Safe Routes to School

Nobody cares more about the safety and well-being of children than their families, and that is why we need your help to make Safe Routes to School programming successful across Monterey County.
Students who walk or bike to school are building good health habits and are more alert and ready to learn. Research indicates that students who walk or bike to school have more positive moods, as well as improved concentration, focus, attention, academic achievement, and cognitive mapping. Students also have fewer accidents and crashes, develop healthy habits, and show improved attendance.

In addition, communities benefit through reduced traffic congestion and improved air quality. Families gain time in their day and lower their transportation costs because they don’t have to drop off and pick up their children every day.

Safe Routes to School (SRTS) is a program of the Transportation Agency for Monterey County (TAMC) aimed at teaching students how to safely bike and walk to school. Our hope is that this will also increase the number of students who get to school using methods other than being driven by an individual family member.

Through our partnership with the Monterey County Health Department and Ecology Action, we provide hands-on classes along with walking and biking rodeos that teach students the skills they need to safely get to and from school. We work with school districts and schools to promote our programs to students and their families. The schools also provide classrooms and paved areas where the safety skills are taught. In addition to our work with students, we participate in local events that promote safe routes to school and encourage members of the community to participate.

Locals are encouraged to volunteer to support future programs such as crossing guard training, assisting with bike/walk safety rodeos, participate in Bike/Walk to School events at your child’s school, or help us to encourage the broader community to get more deeply involved.

The programs are paid for, in part, through Measure X sales tax, which will provide a stable source of funding through the year 2046.

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