Goals of the Program

Increasing the ridership of elementary-aged students, while simultaneously reducing the crash rates of young bicyclists.

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Bicycle Safety

We teamed up with our friends at Ecology Action to deliver a 2-part bicycle safety program packed with serious fun.

Day 1

The program kicks off with a high-energy interactive 1-hour classroom session. We bring everything the students need, including nationally certified and bi-lingual teachers, safety equipment, our interactive presentation, props, and more.

Day 2

The kids roll into an approximately 2-hour bike rodeo where they apply all of the safety skills they learned in class across a fun safety obstacle course. We bring a fleet of bicycles, helmets, and safety gear so that any student can get in on the action even if they don’t own a bike.

By the end of the program, kids have learned important safety skills, including:

Choosing Safe Routes

Safety Around Cars

Safely Navigating Intersections

Rules of the Road

Hand Signaling and Communicating

…plus the importance and use of safety equipment:

The Correct Use of a Helmet

ABC Equipment Quick Check

How to Be Visible

Emily A. – 4th Grader from King City

“The Bike Safe program helped me overcome my fear of riding a bike in my neighborhood.”

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Bike Safe Updates

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December 12, 2019

Transportation Bill Takes Big Strides for Biking and Walking

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February 2020

Celebrate Park & Rec Month by Engaging with Community

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The Details

The Course

The Bike Safe staff arrives at the school one hour before the first rodeo to set up the course. The Course generally fills about two basketball courts worth of space, although we can modify it to work at any school. We use a variety of cones, props, and chalk to create a mock intersection on the school blacktop.

The rodeo is ideally 2-hours long, but we can modify the timing to best align with the school schedule.

The Rodeo

The rodeo begins with an in-classroom review of the skills taught on the first day and introduces the students to the bicycle safety course. Then, half of the kids stay in the classroom, while the other half accompany the Bike Safe instructors to the course. The teacher is given additional bicycle safety games and lessons that they can administer to their half of the students. Then the two groups switch places. After both groups have ridden, the Bike Safe staff regroups with all of the students in the classroom. They reflect on what was learned, conduct a brief rodeo survey, and hold a bicycle safety raffle.

Our Team

Our team will work closely with you or your staff to determine the best schedule for your classes.

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Get Involved

Bike Safe volunteers and interns assist lead staff in the implementation of the Bike Safe training. Help make your community a better place, and have fun doing it.

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